DIY Frayed Hem Jeans 👖 2 Ways

Hey LouBoos! 

So, this weekend I decided I wanted to make some of the super trendy frayed hem denim jeans. Initially I planned to buy them, but I ran across an old pair of jeans I never wear & decided to just do it myself 🙂 I used Youtuber Aya Baraqawi’s video for technique & added my own flare. This DIY was super easy to do. I will definitely do it again possibly using black denim next time. I love these jeans because of their versatility! They can be dressed up or down. I saw this t-shirt in look #1 at the thrift store & I just HAD to have it! I considered distressing & bleaching it, but I kind of feel like I need a break from that trend so I decided to leave it as is. I added the longline jacket to sort of play with dressing up t-shirts. For look #2 I decided to switch the top with a fuzzy sweater & add a super glam statement necklace. Both looks are fun & super easy to wear. Get the deets below!

📸: 🙋🏾


fashionablylou ❤

  • Heather Gray Verbiage Tee- Thrifted 
  • Frayed Hem Jeans- DIY (Similar)
  • Neon Preforated Pumps (Similar
  • White Longline Jacket- FC (Similar)
  • White Lunchbag Clutch- F21 (Similar)
  • Black Fuzzy Sweater- F21 (Similar
  • Floral Stone Statement Necklace- F21 (Similar)

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