Quarter-life Crisis: You’re becoming… You haven’t reached your full potential yet, & that’s okay. 

Long time no talk Lou Boos! I’ve missed blogging, but the break was more than necessary! 😩

Turning 25 is a bit of a big deal. Some may have had a different experience, but from what I’ve read the majority of us tend to face some obstacles when it comes to transitioning to the 25-31 age bracket (YES, I said it. It’s time to move down to the second bubble in the age demographics section 😵). Idk about you, but initially this change was a MAJOR thing for me, and it managed to stress me out several months prior to my actual date of inception 😅. 
For whatever reason society teaches us that we “must” be in a certain cliché space or doing a certain cliché thing by a certain age. I thought that I had to be married at 25 and carrying half a child by 27.5. Boyyyy was I wrong! Now please don’t take offense to what I’m saying. If things worked out this way for you or someone you know, I think that’s fantastic! However, for those of us that have a different story I want you to know that your walk is just as awesome! At times we get so caught up in our plans or what we feel is supposed to happen we miss the beauty, wisdom, and room for growth within our present situations. I for one will wholeheartedly admit that this was me lol smh.
I went through a very depressing time in which I began to doubt myself, my abilities, and even my passion. After a while I really just wanted to give up on my goals and plans. I knew I absolutely had to pull myself out of this downward spiral, and thanks to my Lord and Savior, family, & closest friends I was able to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect (I never will be), & I actually love that I’m not. I have to constantly work to encourage myself every day in order to stay out of that slump. It’s easy to fall into, but the more I work on rejecting it, the easier it’ll be to keep a positive attitude. Every experience is a lesson and every lesson is a blessing. The most exciting part about going through is being able to help my future kiddos and anyone else who may be encountering some of the same hardships as me. 
On August 13, 1992 a Queen was born, and on THIS SUNDAY August 13, 2017 I will celebrate 25 years of blessings, mistakes, growth, forgiveness, and maturity. No matter how old you are, if you’re reading this I hope this can help you keep fighting, keep pushing, and keep becoming who you desire to be. 
Take a look at my transformation over the past 25 years… talk about a Glo’up 😂✨

Lou ❤